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Halshug, hailing from Copenhagen, play their D-beat straightforward, traditionally and proudly. Their debut full-length, Blodets Bånd, sits somewhere between the territories carved out by Discharge and Hoax, respectively, with their fuzzed out energy cutting its way throughout the collection’s eight tracks. Apt, considering their moniker means “to decapitate.” Their D-beat

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Some bands are simply underrated, under-appreciated, or just unknown, and Toronto’s Chlorine falls into all three of of those categories.  Chlorine plays fast and raw hardcore and punk music that is similar to popular American bands like Hoax, Prisoner Abuse, Gag and Nazi Dust.  In just five songs, Chlorine accomplishes

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If you ask anyone who claims to subscribe to a punk attitude/code of ethics what makes a band authentic, they will probably give you a vast array of attributes that range from something as simple as being tight musically to something as complex as being opposed to specific political systems

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Combat Knife’s five song demo is an angry display of very raw and energetic punk with elements that align closely with 80’s hardcore to give it an extra boost of “fuck you.” Combat Knife isn’t the band you book when you want a well-behaved crowd, they are the band you book for full blown chaos and destruction.

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Black metal infused punk, or punk infused black metal, is nothing new; however, the style has never sounded as fresh as it does coming from Boston’s Human Bodies. No Life, their third output overall, released back in August, surprises me in that it didn’t make it on at least the honorable mentions sections of some year end lists (at least that I’ve seen).

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I WANNA DIE are a new hardcore punk band from Oakland, California – notoriously the home of all things filthy, violent and fucked when it comes to certain types of punk and metal. That said, don’t expect anything nice to surface from this demo, because all you will find instead

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