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The AC//13 collective is home YAITW, Votnut, Ayr and now WORSEN, who’s new EP is an emotional jolt of filth into my veins. Over four songs, this band proves that they have something to say and the fucking world better start listening NOW. I could write about how unreal WORSEN

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Today CVLT Nation is proud to present a rad new mixtape compiled by HC legends DROPDEAD! Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIV DROPDEAD will remind you of some of the best HC made to date…so get your steel toe boots on and stomp it out below!! It’s taken some hours to get

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This is some throw back shit from a present day band! GAG from Olympia, WA are one of my favourite hardcore bands right now. Something about their music is very soulful and honest in a demented, bugged-out sort of way! Well, they performed at TCTV Public Access and gave a

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What band is able to hit me with the downbeat but still make me have visions of sun rays? Uncle Acid And the Deadbeats their brand of cycodelic doom is a sound that I just do not get bored of. I have not seen them live yet so video footage

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In many ways, albums can be compared to journeys; travels beyond reality and time that are able to make you see beyond truth. Nebelung’s latest album is certainly one of these rare albums which, for its duration, forces you to leave your consciousness behind and set out to a sonic

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Finally! After nearly three years of being teased with their excellent EP The Dagger and The Chalice, Dark Descent has fully unleashed the debut full length from Corpsessed. With the kind of expectations set by the band with such a stellar EP, it’s evident they’ve spent much of this time

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