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Holy Christ! Ornamental Headpiece sounds like an odd name for a black metal band, but if you listen to good music, I mean good extreme metal, Ornamental Headpiece should be a household name! Doubt if the band likes the idea, though. But man, Ornamental Headpiece’s punk-meets-black metal absolutely rocks my

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80s HardcoreArtMusicPhotography

When I was a teenager, there were many things that I feared, like the threat of Nuclear War or the L.A.P.D., and there were many people I hated like Ronald Reagan or P.W. Botha. I had issues with these beings these fears motivated my youth rebellion. While I was going

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I can hardly believe that this cover even exists, it is that fucking AWESOME. Gonga joined forces with one of my favorite singers, Beth Gibbons of PORTISHEAD, to cover Black Sabbath’s self-titled tune. I don’t know about you, but for me this is the raddest Sabbath cover I have heard

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DoomFilmMusic VideosSludge

Doom out of Sweden is almost always guaranteed to be fucking good, so why would the case be any different for Salem’s Pot? After two demo releases (Sweeden and Watch me Kill You/Run The Night), the band members gather all their strength and their mind-altering practices and let loose upon

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Right now I feel like I’m walking through a graveyard holding the hand of Death, but I don’t want to let go because I hear the new GRAVES AT SEA blasting behind Death’s door! The grand wizards of blackened doom are fucking back and knocking out the teeth of the

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Avant GardeReviews

High concept records can often become decidedly hard work or terribly boring but as with the case with Demon, Gazpacho’s eighth full length record, sometimes all the elements combine to create a work that touches the soul and forms a very present world to fall into. Demon is a work

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