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Are you throwing a party in the near future?  Is the theme of your party something along the lines of “lets all sit in a dark room and be weird together?”  It is!!??  That’s great news, because I found the perfect band to play in that type of environment!!!!  Empty

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Direct from Vancouver, the same city as the legendary DOA, comes one of the best new hardcore/crust bands, Baptists. With an “ugly” sound in the best possible way, the group is getting more attention since last year, when they released the amazing Bushcraft, produced by Kurt Ballou. In the same

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Vilkacis is the solo project of Mike Rekevics – perhaps better known for his drum work as part of California black metal/drone ensemble Fell Voices – and so far has seen just one release, last year’s EP The Fever of War, which last month saw re-release through Dead Section Records.

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Many of the older heads from my generation believe that Punk died with them in the 80’s, but they have it all wrong! The movement is so alive with so many different forms of expression, from backyard parties to DIY spaces, run by punks for punks. On a musical tip,

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Today CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to bring you a full stream from one of our favorite Vancouver bands, BURNING GHATS! Their EP Continuous Winter will be available digitally and on cassette at their EP release show with Primitive Man on July 30th. These guys know how to decimate their

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I could tell you that Pennsylvania’s hardcore/powerviolence outfit Black Mask’s newest release, Lost Below is a good album. I would be lying. Because Lost Below isn’t a good album. It’s a fantastic one. From start to finish, Black Mask bring forth one of the grittiest hardcore albums out this year.

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