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Check out LORD MANTIS, LYCUS AND MOURNFUL CONGREGATION all getting heavy at this year’s MARTYRDOOM FEST, captured by our comrade PITFULLOFSHIT!

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Black Storm of Violence is the perfect title for the soon to be released album by Rage Nucléaire. From what I can hear, this band drinks gallons of savage fury every morning to come up with these scathing songs of filth. CVLT Nation is fucking stoked to be streaming the

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What Time is It? It’s time to get heavy as FUCK. We have just the songs to make that happen in a big way! Bastard Of The Skies and GRIMPEN MIRE have joined forces to release this kick ass split via Future Noise Recordings. So all you have to do

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With just two songs, each yawning well past the ten-minute mark, Spanish experimental black metal outfit Atrabillis‘ newest outing Uno is a profound exploration of the murky depths other lunatics such as Utarm and Gnaw Their Tongues plumbed on their twisted, cavernous musical voyages. But while other projects styling themselves

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Life is so good…now check out this stellar performance of JESU in Moscow! All Hail this special band!!!

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Lately there are two post punk/deathrock bands that I can not fucking get enough of, because they are just that spot ON! They go by the names A BLACK PEOPLE & NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. Both have released albums in past that are fucking perfect, but have been overlooked by

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