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If I had to pick one magazine that covered the Goth movement the best, it would be PROPAGANDA by Fred H. Berger. As a teenager in Venice, California I would go to my local magazine store and read every issue. What always got my attention were the covers, because the

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Death RockEventsFeaturesPost-Punk

In two weeks the first FUNERAL PARTY kicks off at The American in Vancouver and we want all ghouls to be there! It will be a night of Death Rock and Post Punk with DJs CVLT Nation and Viktor Khun, and features a live set from the unholy and awesome

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Black MetalDeath MetalDoomReviews

Lurking somewhere within the borders of New Mexico is yet another hugely exciting new project; a project that leaves behind any trace of affectation and theatrical pomp, delivering dense and primordial black metal with a sound as vast and cavernous as the indigenous landscapes. Boasting members of Drought and USBM

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Black Metal

Death and darkness: it’s safe to say these two things have, at the very least, a symbiotic relationship – one that is heavily tethered to the essence of what makes up Black Metal music. To this, you might already be saying, “well, no shit, Sherlock!,” but I begin in this

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The stars sing when they burn, and the earth hums when it moves – but their voices are unimaginably massive and crushing, drones that would wash your puny flesh from bone if you could actually hear them. If you want a taste of this universe music in the human hearing

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DoomMusic Videos

Now this is just way too fucking sick not to share with the world! Last weekend NOOTHGRUSH crushed The Acheron in Brooklyn and now it’s time to peep it for yourself!…Nuff respect due to unARTigNYC for capturing this monolithic performance of everything heavy!

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