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Full of Hell has come a long way. Their debut album, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home, has remained a personal favorite since it’s 2011 release. Their followup, Rudiments of Mutilation, was a noise-punk masterpiece, despite it not capturing the same fervor of their debut. Around and between these

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In the post-9/11 world in which we all live, there have been many bands that play aggressive or weird styles of music who have had their records used for the purpose of enhanced interrogation (the nice way of saying torture) on captured enemy combatants. Bands like Slayer and Skinny Puppy

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Jacques Lacan never lived enough to see Žižek synthesize his ideas with the Marxist theory, and neither did Jacques Derrida, to hear what the music had to say, on his literary method, which he himself always rejected to call a ‘method’ in the first place: deconstruction. Entering the domain of

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It’s quite hard to place a finger on what exactly Wreck and Reference is. The duo has embarked on a dark journey that has led them through two EPs, Black Cassette and Content and 2012’s bleak Youth, each release blurring the boundaries between electronic music, metal and noise. Ever tempering

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I was fortunate enough to find out about Blood Bright Star when they released their split album with High Aura’d (which you should also check out). It was obvious to me back then that this project of visual artist Reuben Sawyer was mesmerizing music. The blend of psychedelic influences, drone

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Body Hammer, as the name suggests and alludes, is a musical project that’s looking for the perfect synthesis between man and machine. Ryan Page, the man behind Body Hammer, has morphed the band from a hyper-speed automaton into a droney junkyard of dark ambitions and mechanical terrors. Befitting of a Tsukamoto or Lynch

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