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Yesterday, I got really drunk with my roommate and we had a fabulous time. While intoxicated, we discussed how various hardcore and punk bands have recently developed bro-tastic audiences, and at one point my roommate even showed his ass to some women who claimed it was their birthday and wanted

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I hold my head high as I look up to the sky, thinking about the days when my life was total shit! All I could see was the negativity that was all around me. Even the flowers were devoid of smell and color. I needed something to pick me up, and that

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As label Sentient Ruin puts it: LEUCROTA‘s debut Demo is “a smoldering twenty minutes of completely wretched, botched, cruel and self-mutilating hardcore punk with, crust, d-beat, sludge, noise rock and black metal striations”. The label also states that “Leucrota are the sound of teeth grinding, bones rattling and skin rippling in

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Hexadic is overwhelmed by everything else Ben Chasny is doing. It’s the new record by his “folk” project, Six Organs of Admittance, and it was composed by the Hexadic System (or method), which Chasny invented (but which he thinks is nothing new). The Hexadic System been billed as an evolution

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I feel like I’m a child HYPED on bad TV and OD’d on candy – all of my thoughts are disconnected. Maybe I’m a product of this Ritalin nation? No, it’s the new album entitled Ivory from Reno’s noise rock merchants of weirdness ELEPHANT RIFLE. Their songs are complex, gritty and ultra groovy in an

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