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MONOLORD is one of our favorite doom bands right now – they take the sound of iconic doom and magnify it through their lens of infectious, fuzzed-out melody! We are very into their upcoming LP release, Empress Rising, coming out on Easy Rider on April 1st. Today we are honored

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Yo, slime lovers, check it out, the two absolute best Italian stench-core/rotten crust bands (and among the best in the world for that matter) have just released a handful of releases which appear to have come out at the same time, and which are all fucking awesome, of course. What’s

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Anderson Cook has been busy. Having been introduced to the various projects he’s involved in, I consistently find myself enjoying the fruit of all of it, no matter how bitter it may seem to others. Last we heard from his outlet for antipathy Pornography was through an assembly of his

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Damn, this is fucking perfect viewing for any SLEEP fan – them killing it at the 2013 Hellfest. Everything about this footage is on point, from the band’s performance to the stellar sound quality! SLEEP RULES!!!!!!

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To close out our third anniversary week, CVLT Nation is proud to present the second covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: BLACK SABBATH’s seminal album Master of Reality, mastered by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, TN.. Master of Reality: The CVLT Nation Sessions is up for exclusive

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FUOCO FATUO have crushed all competition and have plowed their way to the forefront of Italian extreme doom in the last few years. Slowly but surely, these three Italian misanthropes have woven a path of destruction in front of them in the European underground with the sole aim of leaving

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