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Black Monolith opens like the gates of Hell. On this, their first proper release, this Oakland, CA outfit bludgeons the listener over the head following the snarling, death-like silence of the intro. “Void” opens with all the lo-fi fury it can muster, with screams snapping behind a wall of haze.

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Label: Mind Cure Pittsburgh, PA’s EEL has come a long way since their first show, which consisted of the band playing their recorded bass and drum tracks through the speakers over and over for roughly ten minutes, while they used a Trogotronics Pedal 666 for noise and a power drill

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Dekoder - Flowers to Clossom
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Dekoder’s second 12″ is a 6-song mid-tempo combo of old school gothic rock, anarcho-punk and plain old ’77 style punk, influenced by the more thoughtful side of the punk musical spectrum (more on the Penetration side of things than, say, the Blatz side of things). As with a lot of

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Are you ready for DRUG LUST?…CVLT Nation’s favorite creators of scum-filled hardcore are hitting the road today on June 27th. Damn, we just can not get enough of this band, because their music has that zombified voodoo beat that gets us hyped. To me DRUG LUST has one of the

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Hey you over there, you stinking fucking COP, come here so I can stab you in the throat with my stenchcore blade of filth! Better yet, stick your head into my speakers of death so I can blast the NIGHT NURSE song “A Vile Plague Sweeps” at full fucking blast,

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80s HardcoreDis-beatPhotography

We received a really cool email from the UK this morning from Andrew Bannerman Bayles, who happens to be an unreal photographer. He said he checked out some of our past photo essays about the punk scene and said we should check out his flicks from the 80s and 90s.

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