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Cork’s Rest have been absent for far too long, it’s been nine years since their last album Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame. Granted, an EP in the shape of in Operation: Impending Doom sated appetites temporarily, but it doesn’t compare to this double LP journey in the shape of

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Is it possible to stop Njiqahdda? They are a band that are so inhumanly prolific that they could almost give the likes of Nadja or Justin Broadrick a run for their money but what is so inspiring about the mysterious Illinois-based duo is the trajectory of consistency they maintain with

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There’s beauty to be found in devastation, a faint glimmer of hope sparkling ever so slightly through the wreckage. It’s not always to be seen though, but often it’s there and if you venture into the largely dark world of Black Boned Angel, you could just find it. On first

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6.Locrian and Mamiffer Bless Them That Curse You Bless Them That Curse You is a collaborative album between Locrian and Mamiffer, and it’s an excerise in how sound can be molded to adjust our emotions. Beyond that, something about this album is so powerful and heavy, I’m almost at a

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6.PLANKS // LENTIC WATERS Split Preview Right now, I feel like I have the power to look inside of the darkest emotion and discover the truth about what keeps my mind balanced. I’m blasting the new split between PLANKS // LENTIC WATERS that will be out sometime this June via

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For many, many years Neurosis have been synonymous with words like transcendent, intense and beautiful, epitomising musical evolution in every way with a solid line-up for all these years that, when together, always create something truly awe-inspiring. It’s been five years since Neurosis released a record but their presence has

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