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When we hear music, we don’t always know where the foundation lies. Krautrock is at the foundation of a lot of music we like. For instance, if you asked many musicians who create black metal, positive punk (goth), space rock or doom metal, many of them would cite Krautrock as

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Photos & Text by Saul Torres It’s been a long, long time since I saw such a euphoric crowd; actually, I never imagined that I would get to see Circle Takes the Square live. To begin with, doomgazers Resin Cum from El Paso opened the night…they are such a unique

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Photos by Gemma Shaw This year’s Temples Festival in Bristol featured a killer lineup! Our metal festival photographer Gemma Shaw was there on Day One to capture performances from Electric Wizard, Anaal Nathrakh, Blood Ceremony, Jucifer, Moss and Satan’s Satyrs! Check out her awesome photos below, and stay tuned for

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Scene: a thousand lonely apartments, overflowing with vinyl records and copies of Lords of Chaos. A short ding signals the arrival of an email, and one thousand hands click open the press release for two thousand eyes to read. Close ups of faces in shock, bafflement, horror. These intrepid freelance

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The BLOODY HAMMERS are back and getting ready to release their new album entitled Under Satan’s Sun via Napalm Records. This band knows how to weave a sinister and beautiful web of occult rock with every riff they play. Now check out the new BLOODY HAMMERS visual for their song

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One of the greatest hip hop groups to ever do it have reunited – I’m talking about the almighty OUTKAST! Check out their electrifying performance that lasted well over an hour at Coachella 2014! Damn, watching this makes me realize how much I still love this group…OUTKAST RULES!!! OUTKAST –

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