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On a crazy night in May 1984, the first all Skate gig took place, featuring Ill Repute, Faction, Tales of Terror, J.F.A., Agression and the Mighty BIG BOYS. For so many different reasons, this one of the most fun gigs I ever went to in the 80’s. All the bands

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Today I want to share with you the world’s largest punk photo archive called Karl Nagel’s PUNKFOTO. It has over 12,000 pictures dating from 1978 to 2000. What I really dig about this site is how it is a real life look at how German punks were living at the

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Gifford Stylus Interviews Robert Williams 1984 – Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA – A quaint herring-run lined square in a suburban mill town outside Boston first had its peace disturbed by a new, deafening degree of dissonance blasting from a church cellar Fellowship Hall rehearsal space. SIEGE spewed raw hatred for war

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Spitting and swaying as it lurches from your speakers, Everything Black, Everything Dead, the debut album by Australians Black Jesus, is steeped in cheap beer and arrives throwing punches. As soon as you hit play, Black Jesus ensure you’re covered in their grime, filth and backwashed tinny* of Melbourne Bitter. Everything Black, Everything

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As a youngster, two frontmen stuck out to me, one being HR of the Bad Brains and the other Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat. I never got to see either of them live during the 80’s because I was a dumb fuck and I would go to a lame show

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As a kid and burgeoning adolescent I spent almost every weekend for a period of years longer than I’m willing to admit at the local shopping centre. When you start to measure the passage of time by shopping mall additions and renovations you know you’re in trouble. It wasn’t just

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