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Being a youngster in the 80’s punk scene was the shit, and it exposed me to all kinds of freaks. I remember looking up to some of the older punks because they had certain knowledge about life and the world that they could share with me. I knew some of

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Two weeks ago, one of the raddest DIY punk and hardcore festivals took place all around the almighty Big Apple, called New York’s Alright. From what I can see, over the course of four days punks invaded Brooklyn and the L.E.S., where they were treated to some awesome music. What

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Yesterday I watched the Dazed Digital documentary Soap & Stamps about the 80’s hardcore scene in the UK. For almost the entire film I had chills, because it was just so spot on and reminded me how special it was to grow up during this period. I’m not going to

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Piss-stained streets, CBGB’s matinees, junkies, Reagonomics and no hope were the kind of things that NYC punks had on their plates during the 80′s. I have a different kind of respect for east coast hardcore kids from back then, because we had it good on the west coast. Yeah, we

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How do I like my hardcore? Super dirty & Ultra raw! This why one of my favorite L.A. bands is Stoic Violence. They have just released a new 12″, Chained, that is out now on vinyl via Deranged Records // Video Disease Records plus it’s on cassette via Overdose Records.

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When I was a teenager, there were many things that I feared, like the threat of Nuclear War or the L.A.P.D., and there were many people I hated like Ronald Reagan or P.W. Botha. I had issues with these beings these fears motivated my youth rebellion. While I was going

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