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This is just fucking beyond amazing: KILLING JOKE live on Rockpalast 1985! Everything about this footage is stellar, from the sound quality to the epic performance of this legendary band. All hail KILLING JOKE!!!  

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EMMA ACS‘s new EP While I Shoot From My Fortress Of Delusions comes out on Jan. 31st via Third Coming Records and it’s fucking perfect! Ever since late last year I’ve had this record on repeat because it’s that good! I can’t even put into words how happy I am

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Are you ready to give props to BLACK ROYAL for bringing a storm of heavy riffs on their soon to be released record Firebride? You should be, because this is sonic volcanic eruption of molten sludge, and it’s being released by Suicide Records on February 14th. Today we’ve been given

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Hate sharpens hate, and if you love sick Black Metal then Hag Graef’s Bastard Filth is a must have! Our comrades over at Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions will be releasing this vile collection of death hymns, and the tape can be ordered HERE. Hag Graef’s songs are drenched in

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We all know that the world is in a fucked up state right now, so some fucked in the head music just might help us get our minds right! Which is why we are stoked to share with you the new visual from PORNOHELMUT called “ASTROGLIDE” from their album BANG LORD

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When I first started watching BBC documentaries, I realized they had a very different viewpoint on America than the one I was used to seeing on T.V.. Their America was a place full of odd people who believed odd things. Maybe because a lot of those odd people don’t even

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