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I AM HERESY‘s new album Thy Will will be released on March 4th via Century Media. Right here and now, you can check out their new video “March Of The Black Earth” and you can pre-order the record HERE!

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This might my be the sickest video you see this month. CHELSEA WOLFE has released a new visual for “Feral Love” from her album Pain Is Beauty. The moving and intense visual was directed by Mark Pellington and produced by Cathy Pellow and Sargent House…This video is an excerpt from

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I’m not going to even say too much, other than here is a cult classic movie for freaks. CVLT Nation now showing Reform School Girls after the jump! Check out our review HERE!

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On April 1st, get ready to prey at the altar of doom to the sounds of the new MONOLORD album Empress Rising, coming out via Easyrider Records. I can tell you that once you hear this record, you will realize like I did that it a fucking classic. For now,

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Self-proclaimed “prophets of an alternate death metal”, Aevangelist are just that; a monstrosity the likes of which we’ve never seen. Maybe cross Mitochondrion with Gnaw Their Tongues and you’ll get something like this – crushing blasphemy from another dimension of horror entirely. For if you fully immerse yourself in Aevangelist‘s

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SKINNY PUPPY is a band that changed underground music for many people. So today we would like to celebrate them with a video essay featuring many of their early performances!

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