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Worms are eating through my marrow. Maggots are pushing their way through my flesh, infesting my skull and tunneling out of my eye sockets. Ash is falling like snow, everything around me lies in ruin, everything is fucking dead and gone. This is how AKATHARSIA‘s music makes me feel. This

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So check this out: KING DUDE is gearing up to release his new album entitled FEAR via his new label Not Just Religious Music on May 6th. From what I have heard, this is going to be a record that will capture many people’s attention. The latest KING DUDE songs

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Mythology and culture throughout the nations of the world have long been interwoven to provide fodder for film. The Viking sagas of the North, the Samurai, Native American, Aztec and Middle Eastern cultures are some of the most recognizable on screen, and have been used for film, television and other

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Black noise warlocks T.O.M.B. have been doling out the intense occult atmospherics for years now, and are showing no signs of letting up. They continue to bring the menace with the oppressive nightmare noise-scapes of their latest single ‘Abysmal Channeling’ off the forthcoming full-length album Fury Nocturnus, due out later

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Last week, we posted about ROTTING HILLS show in Vancouver where they premiered a video and scored it live – they fucking killed it. Now we are stoked to bring you the world wide web premiere of the short video entitled “Seventh Prayer”, directed by band member Brian Sepanzyk for

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I remember when I first heard WU TANG CLAN‘s Protect Ya Neck; it was at a party in South Central and the DJ played it like 12 times. Then I saw the video, and I was hooked – I knew this hip-hop group was on some next shit. One member

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