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If I had to pick one California band from the 80′s that influenced me the most, it would have to be BLACK FLAG. Every time I saw them, I was left with a feeling of amazement. If you asked ten different people what their favourite line up was, you would

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One Van, Two Bands, 16 days and 26 shows…sounds fun? Well, from what I can see from the film that Mitch Wells of THOU created called ONE VAN about their most recent tour with CLOUD RAT, it was all that. Check out this cool short film about music and friendship

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Love them or hate them, you can not deny the impact that the Bones Brigade had on the 80’s. Growing up, I was not the biggest fan of this company, but after watching this film I have way more respect for them now. It’s your turn to watch Bones Brigade

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This is just fucking beyond amazing: KILLING JOKE live in Amsterdam 1981! Everything about this footage is stellar, from the sound quality to the epic performance of this legendary band. All hail KILLING JOKE!!!

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Jake Fried‘s artwork is like taking a visual trip on your own thought process. On solitary days, when you are alone to allow your brain synapses to explore their own pathways, you can take yourself on the most complex mental journeys, passing through places you didn’t know existed in your

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Now it’s time for The Stimulator & submediaTV to break down the history of the Black Bloc! Check out an episode of real news that just might motivate you… A history of the Black Bloc from the stimulator on Vimeo.

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