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I’m not joking. This video comes with a “flickering images” warning. But at the same time as it feels like an assault, it’s also kind of beautiful. Of course, T.O.M.B. make music for destruction and disease, not for beauty, but the colors in this video are lovely. “No Return” is

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This is insanely awesome: Dystopia performing live at a the Gilman in 1997!  

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This song is so dreamy. I’ve got True Body‘s new tune “Spirit City” on repeat right now and it’s sending me off on one of my spacey journeys into the fantasy land in my mind. They just released a video for this song that’s off their forthcoming album – one

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It’s been snowing all day here and I’m feeling like the next ice age is coming to crystallize us all for eternity. It’s so perfect to listen to Lorelei K while I imagine the ice forming in my blood and my cells slowing their replication until they come to a

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This is just fucking beyond amazing: KILLING JOKE live on Rockpalast 1985! Everything about this footage is stellar, from the sound quality to the epic performance of this legendary band. All hail KILLING JOKE!!!  

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EMMA ACS‘s new EP While I Shoot From My Fortress Of Delusions comes out on Jan. 31st via Third Coming Records and it’s fucking perfect! Ever since late last year I’ve had this record on repeat because it’s that good! I can’t even put into words how happy I am

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