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One of my favorite bands of all time working their magic in 1984…The Cocteau Twins are dreams, magic, earth and sun all rolled into one…Nuff Said!

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Heavy music comes in so many different forms of expression, and this is why the underground scene is so exciting! On Jan. 27th at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, a very special show took place featuring Statiqbloom, Sannhet and Youth Code. From what I can see, all three bands performed at their highest level.

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Our Comrades The Secret toured Japan last year and destroyed every place they performed. Check this pro-shot full set of them causing pure audio pandemonium in Osaka.

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Black is black… BEHEMOTH ripping shit in 1996! Nuff said, now head bang you bastards!!!

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Sewn together from the rotting remains of Incantation, Disciples of Mockery, Morpheus Descends and Gorephobia, Mausoleum have been butchering their way across the underground circuit since 2001. Over the course of their fourteen year career, they’ve put out two full lengths, numerous splits and also managed to emit their decaying, plague-filled sound into such acts as Engorge, Morpheus Descends and Typhus.

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Now this is a doom gem: THORR’S HAMMER performing live in 1995. This video will speak for itself – this band was heavy and next level rolled into one…If you have not heard of THORR’S HAMMER, get with the program.

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