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Hot damn, things got real HEAVY at this year’s PSYCHO California, which featured one of the best line-ups I have seen anywhere. I know why I could not make it, and it was a pretty legit reason, but I will be there for sure next year! It’s now time to check

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Who had one of the biggest singing voices of the 80’s hardcore scene? Hands down, I would say Gary Floyd. This dude can really fucking sing – if Ella Fitzgerald and Jello Bifaria had a bastard, he would be their offspring. His Texas band The Dicks rocked stages all over the state with

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PJ HARVEY is in a creative  universe that is all of her OWN. Now check out this kick ass performance from 1995 @ The Forum in London. Respect due to KILL THAT CAT for the awesome footage!

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All Hail the Wizard! Check this full set of ELECTRIC WIZARD from their Hollywood show that took place on 4/19/15.  

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What kind of music do I need to day to take my sadness away? I need a full set of CODEINE so that I can really take my melancholy to a whole other level!  

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Electric Wizard from Dorset (((England))) are one of the heaviest bands on the planet. Electric Wizard plays psychedelic doom metal influenced by Rock’n’Roll and cosmic horror. Jus Oborn is the mastermind behind the band, and he has been the driving force since the late 80’s, when the band was playing

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