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Not everyone has this on VHS. So today we are sharing with you ENTOMBED – Monkey Puss live in London! BANG YOUR HEADS YOU BASTARDS!!!  

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Majestic and totally trance-like come to mind as I watch this most recent full set from FELL VOICES at their performance at this year’s Stardust Festival. I’m in awe viewing this – I can only imagine how fucking awesome they must be LIVE! Press play below and get your FELL

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PUNK WILL NEVER DIE!!! I want to take time to salute the videographer AT THE BOILER ROOM from Boston for capturing some insane performances with his camera. Check this three raging sets from Parasytes, Dry Hump & Sgt. Slaughter and Savageheads that took place on June 17th at the Non Factory in Boston. When I

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Our comrade in visuals Pitfullofshit has produced yet another awesome full set – BONGZILLA as they crush the audience at The Acheron in Brooklyn on June 12th! Hit play below and get ready to watch cities fall!  

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Watch how GAG totally ripped shit at this year’s Rain Fest in Seattle. Damn, watching this footage makes me realize that I just can’t wait to see this band live! GAG RIPS EVERYTHING AROUND THEM! Respect due to hate5six for capturing this insane footage!!!

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Some HEAVY shit has been taking place in NYC lately, like BELL WITCH, UNEARTHLY TRANCE and SAMOTHRACE all performing recently! We decided to bring together all of the footage we could find filmed by PITFULLOFSHIT & unARTigNYC…so get DOOMED you bastards! BELL WITCH DATES! June 17th – Soul Sounds, Inc

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