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Banner Photo via: Aquarium Dempseys Next to Sunn O))), The Body is the most physically intense band I’ve ever seen. The Portland duo is also one of the most prolific bands I know of. Last year alone, they released two collaborations — one with Thou and the other with The Haxan

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 Norway sludge/noise rock trio MoE are releasing their latest offering, 3, worldwide via Fysisk Format on Oct. 13th, and we’re stoked to be streaming their track “Tephra” off the new album! This band’s music has the ominous heavy of sludge with a huge dose of punk rock spirit and the static and

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On Saturday, October 4th, Vancouver will experience the unique, crushing brand of heavy that is THE BODY! They’ll be bringing down the walls of The Astoria, accompanied by Sandworm, Haggatha, Ahna and Womankind. CVLT Nation is stoked to offer a giveaway for a pair of tickets to this show…just email

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CVLT Nation is proud to be sponsoring some upcoming shows with Wombat Booking that are hitting the continent this month and next month! First up, the ADRIFT Black Heart Bleeds Black European Tour this month from the 18th to the 27th. This tour features some shows with heavy hitters like

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I can go on about the dreaded second album slump like many writers have done before me, however, let me be direct by assuaging any worry one may have regarding Pallbearer’s second full-length, Foundations of Burden, by saying that Pallbearer have proved once more that they are the read deal,

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Are you ready for the beat of The New Flesh‘s new album The Absurd? This record is a burst of urgent post punk that will have you dancing and thinking at the same time. From the rooter to the tooter, The New Flesh has grown with each release and their

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