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Noise, Death, Intense, The Last Days on Earth are the things that come to mind as I listen to the new DIABOLICUM album La Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows). This record feels like a blender being placed on your skull then being turned on blasting way past HATE! Today

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Our German comrades in Rage DEATHRITE have a new record entitled Revelation of Chaos that is coming on July 24th via Prosthetic Records. All I can say is that it is an ALL OUT BLAST OF SONIC CHAOS THAT NEVER LETS UP!!! Right here and now, CVLT Nation is premiering

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Unholy HEAVY DOOM FUCK… the new FUNERARY songs on their upcoming split with OOZE are unfreaking REAL! Listening to their music feels like my whole being is dragged through a neverending cave of despair, and all I┬ácan taste in my mouth is the pain of their riffs! Today we have

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SUFFERING MIND and LIFES have a new split out that’s all killer and no filler! Today we’re excited to bring you a full stream of this co-release from Halo of Flies and Here and Now! Halo of Flies has US pre-orders available here and EU pre-orders go to Here and

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One of the greatest gifts that CVLT Nation has given us is to be able to collaborate with the people that inspire us to do what we do on a daily basis! Case in point is our new collabo label with Grimoire Cassette Cvlture called Grim CVLT. Our first release

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First and foremost, this album is sonic experimentation at it’s finest. For those unfamiliar with this London based project, Ghold create a deep, rich sound composed of only bass guitar and drums. Perhaps the best way to describe this bands sound is the mongoloid bastard-child of of 5ive and Lighting

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