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Some bands create heavy grooves, some bands create heavy riffs, and then some bands create HEAVY FUCKING music because they have no choice! Case in point is Of DOOMED Morale – these wizards of the downtuned sound create by their own rules. From the first moment I heard this band,

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If riffs could kill, CHURCH of DISGUST would be serial killers!!! These TX dealers of pain know how to write those tunes that get under your skin to find where all of your fears exist! CHURCH of DISGUST have a new cassette EP entitled Dread Ritual coming out in the very near

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Today we’re stoked to bring you a full stream from THE MOTH: their upcoming album And Then Rise, which will hit the streets via This Charming Man Records on April 4th! This Hamburg-based sludge/doom band brings the groove with their heavy beats and dirty riffage! The chanted vocals make me

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Have you heard the amazing Italian Blackened Sludge band Macerie before? The reason I ask is because they are the fucking BOMB!!! Our comrades Yamabushi Recordings and Sentient Ruin Laboratories are set release their new cassette EP on April 7th. Clocking in at just over 16 minutes, these death dealers of

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Slow moving black death is crawling into my eardrums as I listen to the new Nocternity album Harps of the Ancient Temples. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of sharing with you the title track below, but make sure to stay tuned for a full review in the very

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To say that we are fans of BELL WITCH over here at CVLT Nation is not saying enough. Their soon to be released album Four Phantoms is a perfect follow up to their debut Longing! Again the band is working with rad label Profound Lore and their new record will

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