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This Sri Lankan band is shrouded in mystery. No one knows who they are, the members remaining anonymous. In fact, they go without a proper name, although the record label deems it appropriate to call them “Mahasona” after the demonic entity featured on the cover of this, their first demo.

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Back in late 2014, a completely unknown Italian experimental death metal band by the name of Assumption silently released their proper debut mini album The Three Appearances” on CD format through Italian underground label Terror from Hell Records. As it sadly goes with many inexplicably unfortunate underground masterpieces, something didn’t

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How awesome is SIGSALY? They’re almost too awesome for words – so awesome that I can’t stop dancing long enough to write this! When I want to dance my stress away, I go to a SIGSALY show because they’re that fucking good. Last year, we premiered a song from their

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In Toward The Sun, UK progressive doom band Garganjua haven’t created a set of catchy tracks that you can pick and choose from. This is an epic that must be listened to front-to-back. And don’t hesitate to hit play on our full stream of their latest work below – instead,

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I’m an 80s baby and I’m a sucker for noisy/fuzzy/jangly guitars, steady drum beats and pessimistic vocals and that’s why I’m in love with the debut from Untitled with Drums. Their post/noise rock sound is exactly what got me into music as a teenager, and it’s bringing my angsty youth

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Are you fucking ready to have your wig pushed back? Sentient Divide is a band from the PNW who are about to kill everything around them with the release of their new album Haunted by Cruelty. Straight up this is some of the sickest music I’ve heard in 2020. What

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