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Are you ready for some VIOLENT OCCULTISM??? Then hit play below on our stream of three tracks off the upcoming Cape of Bats release by that name, coming out Dec. 15th via Broken Limbs Recordings/Unholy Anarchy Records on cassette or vinyl (pre-order here). We’ve got three tracks off this thirteen-track behemoth:

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Perhaps the Bay Area’s best kept secret, San Francisco’s Vastum have been quietly destroying dreams and evoking the stuff of wide awake nightmares since their 2011 crushing debut Carnal Law. With a unique sound to match, Vastum take a bit of a different approach to their Death Metal. Setting out

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Chrome Over Brass may sound like a full band, but it’s actually the one-man project of Alex Garcia-Rivera, drummer of American Nightmare, and was self-recorded in his self-built studio on his hand-made kit – 100% DIY. His new s/t album is coming out via Deathwish on November 27th, and is available

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Forget music. Forget anything that resembles it. Now try to imagine the incomprehensible: the complete disintegration of all matter; unit by unit, piece by piece, cell by cell. Much like what takes place in the center of a black hole, the actual experience of listening to Typhonian Wormholes is essentially

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MIRROR is a new band who have crafted an enchanting metal album that is groovy as fuck while still heavy! What I respect about this band is that are able to pay homage to their influences, but also make sure that what they are doing is not derivative. Their self-titled

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Relapse Records is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in the game and show no signs of slowing down! Honestly, I think they are getting even heavier with the most recent signings: Graves At Sea, Ilsa and Seven Sisters of Sleep. Today, the label released their 2015 sampler that has 36 of their

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