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Right now I feel like I’m walking through a graveyard holding the hand of Death, but I don’t want to let go because I hear the new GRAVES AT SEA blasting behind Death’s door! The grand wizards of blackened doom are fucking back and knocking out the teeth of the

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Label: Halo Of Flies Hexis and Primitive Man both have recent triumphs under their belt. Hexis finally released their first length Abalam in January while Primitive Man were signed by Relapse Records and had their malicious debut record Scorn re-released, and unleashed on a new unsuspecting audience. Both bands share

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Here is the most disturbed 3 minutes of music you will hear today! SERVILE SCUM‘s 2013 demo entitled FUCK PUNK released by Opaqus Records is all that and I can not stop banging this scummy bastard. So now it’s your chance to spazz the hell out to SERVILE SCUM!

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Photos by Gemma Shaw Words by Luke Bolton Day 2 – Friday The Body are first up on Friday. To start with, the sound isn’t up to scratch, but it slowly turns up and this two-piece churns out some nasty filth. It’s a fine performance. Later on, I was told

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Poster Artwork by M.A.N. Thanks for checking out the 8th installment of the “Heavy Hour”, I am going to be sharing 8 of the Heaviest Bands kicking around the Underground. On 1/24/14, one of the Heaviest shows of 2014 took place. Topping the bill was Eyehategod and Graves at Sea

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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXVII by PYRRHON goes live today, and the band has put together a mix that will tear your eardrums to shreds! Listener beware… A lot of metal fans (and bands) treat harsh vocals as window dressing or an afterthought. I’m not one of those people — I

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