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Some “fandoms” seem a little strange to me – like Supernatural or Sherlock – whereas others seem totally natural in their obsession, like Star Wars. These seminal space flicks have had a huge impact on the generations to follow, and I completely understand why – because they are fucking rad

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ArtBlack MetalPhotography

Photos & Text by Saul Torres Last Saturday, I spent my weekend in Los Angeles and I was pleased to be shooting at the House of Blues for the Metal Alliance Tour. This year, the line up was insane: Black Crown Initiate, Inquisition, 1349, Goatwhore and Behemoth, who are back

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Text via Slate On Jan. 13, 1973, Derek Ridgers remembers pushing his way through the crowd at Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert, climbing over the fence and joining the press to photograph the rock legend. At the time, Ridgers worked in advertising and was surprised how easy it was to fake

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Each one of us human beings started out as a raceless, sexless shrimp-like creature – which, in my opinion, is a great argument against racism, sexism and religion and all other forms of uppity, self-important thinking. In 1965, Life Magazine published images from Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson‘s book A Child

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BizarreMixed MediaSculpture

Light Bearer’s Alex CF is many things – an artist, a musician and now the curator of the Merrylin Cryptid Museum, a fascinating collection of unreal specimens compiled by 19th century British naturalist and explorer Thomas Merrylin. Alex is looking to open the museum in East London once he has

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ClothingMixed Media

Free Hand Leatherworks has been hard at work, creating some stunning, hand made leather work for the metal and motorcycle communities. If you pay attention to doom label EasyRider Records, you’ve probably seen his limited runs of leather cassette holders. We saw his work in person at the Windhand merch

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