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Carl Munck’s Code and the Controversial “Science” of Archaeocryptography

The stone monoliths of antiquity have always been a source of mystery. The Pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge, Tenochtitlan…no one has been able to fully explain how they were built, or even more interestingly, why? Carl Munck has invested years into studying ancient stone monoliths. He proposes that these structures were not built to be tombs or temples; rather, they were built to send a message to the future to explain their culture’s level of mathematic knowledge and understanding of the earth. These explanations are not scrawled into a wall in the form of hieroglyphs. They are hidden in the architecture and design of the monoliths themselves. Built by a culture whose understanding of science and mathematics rivals, or even surpasses, our own. Munck gave this study a name: Archaeocryptography.

In 1994, Carl Munck released a video entitled “The Code.” It’s a simple piece, a camcorder recording of a slide presentation. Munck handles the narration duties. His voice, a deep baritone, would give Rod Sterling a run for his money. At first, the production quality is almost comical. It resembles 80’s pornography or video footage of grandma’s trip to see Ronald Regan’s 2nd inauguration. Munck is quite a character. He has obviously served in the military. His style of dress and attitude would fit well with the Lone Gunmen crew on the X-Files. That being said, make no mistake – this man has done his homework. The first scene shows Munck in his home, donning a Hawaiian-style shirt. With pipe in hand, Munck introduces us to the science of “Geomathematics.” The focus quickly shifts to the monument at Stonehenge.



The first scene shows you Munck’s method. The picture above is a rendering of what Stonehenge looked like before it fell into ruin. Munck instructs us to take notice of the outer circle. Take the time to count the total stones. You will see there are 30 lintels with 30 supporting stones – a grand total of 60 stones. The stones are arranged in a 360 degree circle. Multiply 360 X 60, and you will come up with a number of 21,600. He continues by explaining that Stonehenge is sitting at latitude 51 degrees, 10 minutes and 42.352941 seconds. If you multiply 51 x 10 x 42.352941, the grand total will be…you guessed it: 21,600. This simple equation is not very impressive at first, but it serves as a launching point. As the presentation continues, he uses this thought process to analyze ancient monuments all over the world. Time and time again, his process suggests that ancient builders understood the concept of PI, geometry, longitude and latitude, and their exact position on a spherical earth….5000 years ago.

“The Code” is far from being unknown. It has millions of views on Youtube. Some people claim he is a genius who is rewriting the history books. Others feel he is a pseudo-scientist who skews the numbers to prove his theory. I feel the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Judge for yourselves.

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