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Black Metal

Calling all BLACK METAL maniacs: Listen to BARGHEST’s “Extinction Dialogue”

Straight up, if you follow CVLT Nation then you already know we’re HUGE fans of BARGHEST! I’m stoked to announce that they’re coming back with a scathing new record called Altars of Rot. Over the course of 7 songs this band proves they still can’t be fucked with! Their riffs pull you down into their sonic pit of maggot-infested filth only to come face to face with an impenetrable wall of HATE! It’s music like this that gives me the strength to look beyond all of the bullshit in this world. Calling all you Black Metal maniacs – check out the new BARGHEST song “Extinction Dialogue” streaming below and head here for Altars of Rot CDs that go on sale July 10th.

Artwork by Misanthropic-Art

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