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BUZZ KULL has unleashed a new dance floor banger!!!

This is super fucking rad – the new song by BUZZ KULL “Last In The Club” is a straight dance floor banger!!! With each listen I can’t stop moving because the song gives me the fever. Every moment of it is a dance floor anthem. Join me in celebrating the new BUZZ KULL release by Avant Records by pressing play below and getting your motherfucking groove on! You can pre-order Last In The Club here (release date Nov. 8th) and make to share this new find with all of your friends, because it’s a HUGE sonic happy pill!



Last In The Club is what nighttime club culture feels and sounds like staring through the eyes of a loner. Sweaty, fuzzy and loaded with anticipation, ultimately lonley when the morning lights hit the streets outside of any establishment. A common feeling to anyone who has even once experienced the dizziness of dawning all alone.
So common, one might say, that Angus Andrew from Liars felt like remixingthe title track as a B side adding even more disorientation to the lot.
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