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Bringing Down The Sky…
Process of Guilt & Rorcal Photo Essay

Process of Guilt & Rorcal might have come together to create one of the heaviest splits of 2014! Both bands fucking show and prove – if you love doom, this record is for you…About a week ago, Process of Guilt & Rorcal performed their split record at an event  put on by our comrades at Amplifest. This special night was captured on film by Nuno Bernardo, whose pictures actually teleport you into the room, that’s how good they are…When I look at these flicks, I can feel the room shaking under the power of Process of Guilt & Rorcal’s sonic onslaught. Much respect due to all involved in this epic night…Now peep this moving photo essay!


01. Rorcal

02. Rorcal

03. Rorcal

04. Rorcal

05. Rorcal

06. Rorcal

07. Rorcal

08. Rorcal

09. Rorcal

10. Rorcal

11. Rorcal

12. Rorcal

13. Rorcal

14. Rorcal

15. Rorcal

Process of Guilt:

16. Process of Guilt

17. Process of Guilt

18. Process of Guilt

19. Process of Guilt

20. Process of Guilt

21. Process of Guilt

22. Process of Guilt

23. Process of Guilt

24. Process of Guilt

25. Process of Guilt

26. Process of Guilt

27. Process of Guilt

28. Process of Guilt

29. Process of Guilt

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