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Black Metal

10th Year Anniversary Show
w/ Villains and Negative Plane

Blackened crust/punk mongers Bone Awl will team up with NYC’s death/thrash Villains and reverberate black act Negative Plane, who released the critically acclaimed Stained Glass Revelations last year, for a show on April 6th at Saint Vitus in celebration of their 10th year anniversary. Throughout ten years, Bone Awl have seen the ups and downs without losing faith in what they believe. Recently they have released a split with the former members of the Black Twilight Circle Ashdautas which might not be as good as Bone Awl’s only full length entitled Meaningless Leaning Mess but the songs displayed don’t stray away from the harsh and scratchy punk variations. As far as live show is concerned, it’s the only one which has been scheduled by the band currently. If you are anywhere near the location, flood the arena and witness the three bands commencing their own style and dynamics. For ticket info, visit here.

Check out some live videos from rare Bone Awl shows and also of Negative Plane right after the jump!

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