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Bold, Intense & Fuzzed Out! Experience the Hardcore Punk of NASTI ‘Life Is Nasti’

WTF the new NASTI record Life Is Nasti is one nasty affair that I’m fucking addicted to! Real talk, this band is letting loose a sonic storm of hardcore punk whip ass. What is getting me so hyped about this record is how full of unhinged feral angst that I can’t get enough of! Songs like “Kill the Kids” are in your face aggro anthems that will get stuck all up in your skull. NASTI plays unrelenting, blown-out hardcore buts it’s their use of fuzzed-out melodic chaos that will have you coming back for more!

We are beyond happy to stream Life Is Nasti in full below. We would like to salute Iron Lung Records for releasing another banger that comes out on Oct. 15th. PRE-ORDER HERE!

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