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Trip Hop

808’s + Glorious Programming: Experience BOBBYY’s ‘Buckets’

Sound Power Fragmented Glitches Grey Daze Drum Machines Nocturnal Rhythms are the things that come to mind as I listen to BOBBYY’s new album Buckets that’s out now on Stone Pixels. Every tune you will experience here is it’s own individual soundscape that will expand your mind. As a producer BOBBYY illustrates pictures with his never ending amounts of sonic textures! Personally as I immerse my reality into “Thence I Arrived On A Foreign Shore (ft Pink Siifu & Stas Thee Boss)” I find myself going back to 1989 when all I wanted to hear was Mr. Fingers or Voodoo Ray. What I love about Buckets is how BOBBYT brought together his whole creative community to make this record a reality. “I Was At The Fence (ft Rachel Lime)” will become your favorite Trip Hop composition that you never knew existed. BOBBYY if you read these words I want to say thank you for manifesting such and honest album. This is a SOUL album, meaning that every tune was created from deep down in the producers soul. As I listen to Buckets, I also realize the only thing that holds us back are our own fears. Fuck the haters, let’s create and allow our imaginations to be our guides!

Written By

Sentient 51423

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