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Black Metal

Bludgeoning Death: Maliblis’ Promo ’17 Will F*****g Murder You

Five minutes and twenty four seconds are not much, but you will ache HARD in the face of this short but unforgiving onslaught of lo-fi blackened death metal terror. So short, yet so vehement is the hell incarnated by Denver’s Maliblis in their Promo ’17 tape – a little glimpse the band has decided to offer us into their wretched and tumefied world, while they meticulously work on greater things….

Room-mic recorded, possibly unmastered, definitely recorded live, and bludgeoning beyond belief, in this Promo ’17 tape you can hear this new band distill pure sonic horror from a wide array of influences (Auroch, Mitochondrion, and various other Canadian extreme metal, plus fragments and shards of sound and inspirations coming from shit like Cruciamentum, Dead Congregation, Vastum and beyond) to create an archetypical extreme death metal assassin. The Promo ’17 tape is a mere business card handed over to you by the band to introduce you to their tormented sonic horror, and is by no means a “finished” product (that will come at a later date when the band wrap up their debut album), but for now they’ve given us something to chew on while we impatiently wait. And holy fuck, the premises – no matter the rawness and primitivism of this track – are already of spectacular proportions. Grab it from the band if any are still left. Oh and hey, members of Primitive Man, Blood Incantation and Khemmis…. Enough said….





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Relapse 10-4

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