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Black Metal

Blackened Post-Industrial Annihilation: 8 HOUR ANIMAL “Resigner” Exclusive Full Album Premiere

East Coast power electronics deconstructor 8 HOUR ANIMAL has emerged with a new full-length offering of collapsing noisy industrial metal mayhem that somewhat diverges from the blunt sonic formula he’s developed this far in his brief yet obliterating spell as a purely power electronics-focused artist. Witness the sonic bedlam of Resigner exclusively below and read on…

While his main framework of scathing industrial harshness and scorching noise soundscapes remain mostly intact, this time new album Resigner introduces electric guitars, rumbling and percussive bass lines, and dance-derived beats and percussions which have made their way into the musician’s composition enhancing the songwriting in a more controlled and deliberate state, materializing a glorious cross-road of sorts that unifies the legendary sounds of (early) Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and :Wumpscut: on one end with the vitriolic aural mayhem of black metal and of experimental noise bands like Skullflower, Controlled Bleeding and Merzbow on the other.

The result is a breakneck berserk rampage into the abysses of industrial music’s most uncompromising fringes and deconstructed states, as the harshness of the genre’s most confrontational strongholds are hyper-developed and wielded like a blunt aural weapon to inflict maximum damage upon the listener. What sets Resigner atop the pile of elite industrial releases this year is its fearless, masterful, and almost playful juxtaposition of catchy hooks and beats with its overwhelming barrage of flailing noise and scorching abstract mayhem, a formula which truly embodies the greatest aspects of industrial’s most elite vanguards made of fearless experimentalism, controversial extremity, and tasteful and skillful composition.

Resigner is officially out tomorrow August 6 2021 on LP/MC/digital formats via Sentient Ruin worldwide, and features artwork by xerox beast P. Van Trigt. Grab it HERE, or HERE.

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