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Black Metal

Enter the Wretched Black Metal Insanity of LUCIFIXION “Howl, Thy Desolate Sound” Early Track Premiere

And indeed does the desolate sound of Lucifixion‘s howl its wretched uttering. The mysterious USBM horde is about to emerge from the thorns of chaos with its sickening debut album Trisect Joy of Pierced Hearts releasing on June 30th, 2023 via Sentient Ruin on LP and tape formats, and today we’re proud to bring you a glimpse into its utter insanity via an exclusive advance track premiere of the song “Howl, Thy Desolate Sound” — check it out here:

What is there to say that this crippled raw black metal behemoth isn’t already saying simply through its hideous eight minutes of total pestilence? Almost forty minutes more of the same venom-soaked sonic bestiality await you ahead. Six more tracks of chaos-worshiping, fear-mongering, filth-drenched black metal cacophony from a new generation rising of young USBM hordes who’ve set out to conquer the outer limits of musical sanity. If you like arcane, filth-riddled shit like Craft, Katharsis, Cult Des Ghoules, Negative Plane and Iljarn then look no further, the feral and blown-out realm of voluntarily disfigured black metal ugliness is here to perpetrate its violent reign!

“Trisect Joy of Pierced Hearts” is releasing on June 30 2023 via Sentient Ruin on LP and tape formats, get it all HERE and or HERE.

Art by Karmazid
Written By


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Sentient 112217

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