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Black Metal

Listen To The murderous Black Metal Death hymns of WITCH WARD’s Sacrificial Monolith

I remember when I first heard “Protect Ya Neck” by Wu Tang Clan or “Illmatic” by NAS, I got chills because I knew I was listening to the past, present and future of hip hop! I also remember when I first heard WITCH WARD’s Sacrificial Monolith tape, I knew I was listening to something that would spit in the face of all of the lies we were taught as youth. Blasting this tape gives me blackened chills that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention! Over the course of ten minutes, WITCH WARD charges full rage ahead with blistering Black Metal attack that can’t be ignored. Sacrificial Monolith is out today via Caligari Records (order it HERE) and you better get with the program because this band is the past, present and future of Raw Black Metal!

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