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Black Death

Beware: the Blackened Death of ISCHEMIC is Real!

WTF have you heard of the band Ischemic? Unholy Hell, their new self-titled album is the fucking BOMB! This band creates sinister, grim sludge that has the scathing energy of black metal and it gets all under your skin! While listening to this record I can’t help but be impressed by this band’s range and passion. Ischemic is a band that needs to be heard because their music is full of empathy that will draw you into their world. We’re super stoked to turn y’all on to a new band that deserves the attention. Give us your eardrums and allow Ischemic to crawl inside and blacken your reality!

We’re extremely pleased to unleash our newest full-length upon CVLT Nation and its readers! Ischemic is a stripped-down and unrelenting collection of blackened death-doom crafted during lockdown, with all production, recording, and artwork handled by the band and close friends. Those familiar with our 2018 album Stagnation & Woe will recognize the treacherous song structures and unpredictable stylistic leaps from that album, but now cloaked in filthier guitar tones and grimey, subterranean production. Thanks again to CVLT Nation for premiering this, we hope you enjoy the ride.

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