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Travel without Leaving on BARST “Conspiracy for A CVLT Nation” Exclusive Premiere

The past few months have taught me so much about myself and why my home feels like such a haven from the world. The turmoil and tumult of the pandemic, watching the corrupt systems of the world crumble, the lies of capitalism exposed to the sheep who’ve been willingly blind to inequity and complacent to suffering, the vitriol and hatred that drives our systems is bubbling to the surface through cracks in the racist foundations of our societies. At the start of all this change, Sean and I looked at each other as we have many times over our decade and a half together, and said, “what are we going to create from this?” Because creation is the only thing that has brought us out of negativity. When time have been scary, difficult, lean all we’ve had to do is create together and we’ve pulled through it. That’s why what BARST has created for us is so damn special. Like us, BARST has taken the strange, disrupted world we’re living in and captured it in the form of the new track and video “Conspiracy for A CVLT Nation.” This Belgian avant garde electronic artist has created instead of suffocated under the rubble of past structures. He’s taken the experience of isolation and repetition and introspection and made something expansive and consequential from it. This track captures the sensation of traveling without leaving; the reality is that traveling in physical space is gone, but it’s opened up so many people to the inner places and pathways we carry with us through our lives.

It’s so inspiring for us to witness BARST’s vision. I’m not afraid of the future, I’m excited for it, because I know we’re living at a pivotal moment in history. The beliefs we’ve always lived by and that we’ve built into CVLT Nation are digging their roots into the underground and blooming into something life-giving and eternal. My kids will look back on this time and remember what we created, and what artists like BARST and many others have created with us. Make sure to support BARST on Bandcamp and Spotify and through Consouling Sounds, and right now watch their video for “Conspiracy for A CVLT Nation” below.

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