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Black Metal

The Most Barbaric Song You’ll Hear Today! Premiering Tetragrammacide “Imperial Cyanide Voltigeurs (Quantum Threshold Leapers of Hatha-Sorcery)”

Unholy fuck – I find it really hard not just to say that India’s Tetragrammacide has created the most brutal, mind-numbingly barbaric LP of 2017, and it’s entitled Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix. This band sounds like no other, and if you have heard them then you know exactly where I am coming from. Their previous release on Iron Bonehead ProductionsTyphonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti?-?Structural Formulæ, was an all-out sonic war for all those that came into contact with it. Now Tetragrammacide are back with their debut full-length, which shows this band is not fucking around, because record is even more insane and demented than their first EP. Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix comes out on Nov. 3rd via Iron Bonehead, but today we are honored to be premiering their new song “Imperial Cyanide Voltigeurs (Quantum Threshold Leapers of Hatha-Sorcery)” below. Stay tuned for our in-depth of this new underground classic!

Beware! The wordless aeon/ion of Serpent of S’word’ has spread its noumenal wings over ancient Kaabah that houses the ‘Mani’ of final ‘Mani’-festat-‘ion’ in its Yonic Vessel!

Remember, “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.”

Congregate! Ye all Nu-typhonian Lamas, Quasi-human Scavengers, Gnostic Physicists, Meonsophical Guerrillas, Lycanthropic Time-Travellers/Leapers, all armed opponents of ‘Demiurge Elohim’ and cosmic restrictions, cloak yourself in Shugal skin robes and unite steadfastly under this sign of the ‘Black Sun’ behind your sun and partake fearlessly in this bloodstained sorcery as you are the new elected priests of ‘Backward Physics’! The Black Kundalini Operatives! The Meta-Technicians of Sitra Ahra! PRIMAL INCINERATORS OF MORAL MATRIX!!!

On the eve of completion of a century of incredibly significant “Amalantrah Working” (January 14, 1918 – June 16, 1918), Tetragrammacide/Kalikshetra∴Raktachakra∴ present its own work (exploring and focusing on the gates unclosed after the infamous ‘Babalon Working’) on the Transplutonic Powerzone and the Aiwass-Physics, named PRIMAL INCINERATORS OF MORAL MATRIX in collaboration with Iron Bonehead Productions, Germany. All misanthropic oscillations, formulas, sigils, equations, meta-mathematical data and transmundane technology that are available in this sonic thesis (Great Work) are collected combinedly by the ‘AntiWorld Trimurti’ – M.Opium, S[d]S[t] and U.Eliminator by a series of neuro-telepathic & shamanic encounters with the Great Reptilian Voice (November 2016 – April 2017) pulsating from a hyper-spatial plane thoroughly supervising this work along with certain ‘Daathian Pylon Outpost Intelligences’ who we contacted via few ‘Oracular Agencies’ to assist us through this latest Kalikshetra∴Raktachakra∴ Working.

‘এই অশ্রবণীয় সংক্রমণ তথ্য কালীক্ষেত্র রক্তচক্রের নির্দেশে সঞ্চালিত || ব্রহ্মান্ডবিরোধী এই দুর্বিষহ প্রকল্প, প্রযুক্তি এবং পরিকল্পনার অগ্রগতির নিশ্চিত রূপে বাস্তবায়ন আমাদের প্রকৃত লক্ষ্য ||’”

‘Stand adamantly firm on the thunderbolt of the Storm, until all worlds ignited and into ashes befall.’







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