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Apocalyptic Blues

Bädr Vogu Video Premiere “Anathema of Time” & Interview!

Bädr Vogu is a Sludge band from Oakland (((California))) that started out in 2010. Formed from the ashes of World Eater, Midnightmare and Hotblack Desiato, they have been crushing and garnering a loyal following throughout the underground since their inception. They have played some of the most killer shows I’ve seen, and fortunately, have been able to be a part of. Our bands have played together a bunch of times, and these are good friends that I really respect. The first show Swamp got to play in Oakland was opening up a garage show that Bädr Vogu played, alongside Galdr – the last show that we got to play with Bädr Vogu was alongside Eyehategod in San Jose. I support these guys and I am honored to debut their very first music video for their new single, “Anathema of Time,” directed by Drew Dorsey.

“Anathema of Time” is a track off their new recording, Agglomeration MMXIV. Salvador Raya (Asunder) recorded it at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (((California))). I am really excited to be able to share this release with everyone; the B-Side includes another heavy dose of headbangable Misanthropic Sludge that was previously only available on LP from their split with Wilt. Transylvanian Tapes is releasing physical copies of Agglomeration MMXIV that will be obtainable in July.

Here’s 7 Heavy questions with the band.

I have your first demo tape from 2011 – What other BV releases exist?

There is our full length album Exitium (also released in 2011) that so far has only seen two CD pressings (one self-funded, the other through the Spanish label Memento Mori), and our split vinyl LP with Seattle’s Wilt (released in late 2012) – that was a joint venture between Hermit Records and Abominate Records, both based out of Seattle. Aside from that, there is the new cassette tape being released on the Transylvanian Tapes label that will have two brand new songs on one side and our side of the split with Wilt on the other end of the tape.

What are your biggest influences as a band?

Black Sabbath, Bolt Thrower, Dystopia, Eyehategod, Buzzov-ven, Melvins, Brainoil, El Dopa, Cathedral, Enewetak, Thorr’s Hammer, Bethlehem, early Metallica, Celtic Frost, Yob, Acid Bath, Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Indian, Candlemass, Sleep/Asbestos Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Grief, Asunder, Runemagick, Johnny Cash, Coffins, Carcass, Graves At Sea, Saint Vitus, Neurosis, Godflesh, Amebix, Rudimentary Peni, Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker.

Lyrical influences are: Charles Bukowski, Cormic McCarthy, Dick Lucas, T.S. Elliot, Edgar Allan Poe, Noam Chomsky, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nick Blinko, Milton, Wallace Stevens and the sea of shit known as humanity.

What does the band tune to?

We tune to B standard.

What are your preferred amps of choice?

Leo has always used Marshalls and Bryce currently uses a Laney 100 watt head and a 200 watt Blackstar head. Chris likes Ampeg and Sunn bass amps.

BV is about to embark on a National U.S.A. Tour – what restaurant or food destination in America are you most looking forward to devouring?

Chris’s would be real New York pizza and southern BBQ. Sean says that he is on a constant quest to find good Bloody Marys, and both him, Leo and Bryce are all about getting authentic Cajun food. New Orleans has always been an important destination for us on the road for many reasons and the food is definitely a big part of that. Justin likes Burger King dollar menu hamburgers or any restaurant kid’s menu that he comes across.

What are some of your favorite bands that have stood out and left a good impression that you’ve been fortunate to play with over the last couple of years?

Eyehategod (NOLA), Noothgrush // Brainoil //Swamp Witch // Augurs // Larvae // Hazzard’s Cure // Femacoffin // Negative Standards // Apocryphon // Cardinal Wyrm // Abstracter // Vastum (all from Bay Area), Wilt // Bell Witch // Samothrace // Black Queen (all from Seattle, WA), Rozamov (Boston, MA), Bog of the Infidel (Providence, RI) Sea Of Bones (New Haven, CT), Gehenna (various West Coast), Pallbearer (Little Rock, AR) Killer of Sheep (Pittsburgh, PA), Inter Arma (Richmond, VA), Usnea // Night Nurse // Stoneburner (all from PDX), Author and Punisher (San Diego, Ca), Seven Sisters of Sleep (Orange County, Ca), Undergang (Denmark).

If you could choose someone, dead or alive, to jam with, who would it be and what would it sound like?

Bryce: I’d like to jam with Syd Barrett. It’d be amazing to just get very out there and freak the fuck out. Then when I’m coming down from interstellar space, I’d return to Earth, drink some whiskey, and jam with Robert Johnson. I’m sure my ass would get smoked in either situation and it’d sound like two greats doing their thing, with me struggling to keep up.

Sean: I’d jam with Too Short, E-40, Mac Dre, and Keak da Sneak. It would sound like a white boy rapping with some hyphy motherfuckers. In other words it’d sound like a white boy pathetically trying to rap.

Leo: John Bonham and Cliff Burton because what guitar player wouldn’t want to jam with that rhythm section?!! It would sound like me playing guitar by myself. Because they’re dead.

Bädr Vogu will be touring throughout the United States of America this summer!

Here’s their tour itinerary:

July 3rd – Oakland, CA, @ The Legionnaire
w/ DeathgraVe, Bog Oak

July 15th – Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern
w/ Blighter, Prison Death

July 17th – Minneapolis, MN @ The Dog Haus
w/ Ashen, Despise, Lemon

July 18th – Chicago, IL @ Old Mount Happy
w/ Wymns Pryson (Atlanta), Foreign Lawns (Milwakee), War Boner, and Sick Sad World.

July 19th – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room
w/ Agitate, Deterioration, Anthrophobic

July 20th – Philadelphia, PA @ Mill Creek Tavern
w/ TBA

July 21st – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub
w/ Churchburn, Rozamov, Grue

July 22nd – Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Churchburn, Rozamov, Bog of the Infidel

July 24th – Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron
w/ Oathbreaker, Cult Leader, Young and in the Way, Meek is Murder

July 25th – Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar Tavern

July 26th – Richmond, VA

July 27th – Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood w/ TBA

July 28th – Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium w/ TBA

July 30th – New Orleans, LA @ End of the World w/ TBA

July 31st – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia (early show)
w/ Total Abuse

August 1st – Austin, TX @ The Lost Well
w/ The Blood Royal and TBA

August 2nd – Dallas, TX @ Chichen Itza
w/ Pissed Grave, Deadtooth and Pavel Chekov

August 3rd – Albuquerque, NM @ The Launchpad
w/ Torture Victim, Hanta, +TBA

August 4th – Las Vegas, NV @ TBA

August 10th – San Francisco @ Cave Show w/ Fórn, Folivore, and Akatharsia

Here’s a link to their Tour event page. I highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance –

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