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avant-rap prodigy NAPPYNAPPA delivers a Classic with “IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART”

Words are Power! Words can shape Thought! Words are windows into our Past and Future! NAPPYNAPPA knows how to use words to open the portals in our minds that we don’t even know we have. From the same soil that gave us the Watts Prophets, The Last Poets, and Freestyle Fellowship comes this young word wizard who’s created a stellar record in IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART. Over soulful, cerebral, off-kilter production, NAPPYNAPPA breaks down the the effects that colonialism has had on Africa, specifically Benin, and how France screws them over to this very day. I dig the passion and conviction that drips off every word he lays down, and the way he bends his voice. Hip Hop comes in many shapes and forms, and NAPPYNAPPA shows the world that abstract Hip Hop can be used as a weapon of mass change. On the real, I consider records like IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART to be PUNK in the form of another art form. Respect due to Bad Taste Records for releasing this rad record, and to NAPPYNAPPA, good looking out!

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