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Ask Your Doctor About…No Form Review + Full Stream

CALLING ALL PUNX!!!! Once again the UK has proven that its current state of punk is full of pleasant surprises that are both musically vicious as well as intriguing. No Form, like many other punk/hardcore acts from the United Kingdom, is an absolute onslaught of sound that will make for the finest of party music. For devoted followers of bands like Cult Ritual, Chain Gang Grave, Gism and even Black Flag (to a slight degree), No Form’s chaotic feedback-filled sound and reverb vocals is guaranteed to make your ear drums sore. This band is 100% committed to playing loud and destroying small rooms. Many of the tracks on their LP contain bass riffs that, to me, are very reminiscent of a few Siege songs.

Label: Reagent Records/Muscle Horse Records 

Ultimately, No Form’s recent self-titled album is one of the most raw displays of contemporary punk. Do you have shitty neighbors that constantly cook rancid smelling food? Not a problem, just blast No Form until they decide that they can’t take any more and go jump in front of train! Are you sick of people sitting near you in public places? Just unplug those headphones and let No Form deter all humans from your life. I can honestly say that bands like No Form serve a greater purpose in this world, and that’s to make sure you never have to deal with other people and their bullshit. If you suffer from social anxiety and do not wish to be on some hippie happy pills to make others seem tolerable, then ask your doctor about No Form. Next time your significant other reminds you that you have to go to some shitty social gathering where asking each other about the weather counts as socializing, just remember to take a healthy dose of No Form. Watch in complete bliss as everyone simply leaves you the fuck alone and whispers to each other that they think the “hard rock” you’re playing is a bit excessive. But hey, don’t take my word for it, lurk the rad tunes below and you’ll quickly discover that No Form is just what the doctor ordered.

If this seems even remotely relatable, then No Form should be your new favorite band.


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