All Cops Are Bastards! Graphic Video Shows NYPD Beatdown Of A Young Man!

This video of NYC police brutality is proof that All Cops Are Bastards, no matter their color or gender. Every time I watch this footage, my heart feels heavy with pain and anger. Be careful New Yorkers, because if you try to jump the turnstile you might just catch a beat down by the goons in blue! For a full blow by blow report, head over to the Animal New York site….Think about how many acts of police brutality are not caught on camera? Protect & Brutalize should be the NYPD’s motto!

(Photo: Skuf YKK)


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Sean Reveron

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Bill Butcher

Lets see some criticisms of gangbangers , rapists or murderers or muggers …..tumbleweed , doesnt fit the “rebel stance” .

Bill Butcher


Derek Jelsma

Michael Edvard Øynes

Christopher Peach

All Cops *Are* Bastards!


Also think about the many great things cops do that aren’t caught on camera…

Ryan Arrigan

No, not all cops are bastards. But bastard cops do exist.


Beatdown? Really?? The officer literally uses a whopping 2 swipes of his baton, and only on the 2nd one does he make contact with his head. It’s funny how the video only starts after the officer is already in mid swipe. You see It takes a particular course of actions for an officer to reach mechanical means of compliance and I’m sorry to break up your punk rock – star wars, “rebel against the empire fantasy”, but it all is based on the perpetrators actions. The individual should have simply complied with the officer or, forbid the thought, not break… Read more »

Jon Hoover

This won’t get any attention because it’s black on black.