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A Tribute To Alan Vega

Alan Vega, together with Martin Rev, created the punk group SUICIDE, who changed the game forever! It would be impossible to name of all of the bands and genres that this duo influenced. The world recently lost Alan Vega, who passed away on July 16th, but has left his mark on underground music for life. When I listen to their debut LP Suicide, it gives me chills to hear how perfect it is, plus it sounds like nothing else that came out at the time. Every minute of the record reminds me of the grit, dirt and beauty of the Lower East Side, and it also reminds me of the time I spent there with all of my dirt bag friends. Today CVLT Nation wants to salute Alan Vega and SUICIDE with a photo and live footage video essay. Alan was one stylish motherfucker with rad politics! Wherever you are, Respect DUE – YOU were way ahead of your time!


Alan Vega and Martin Rev SUICDE Alan_Vega_2 ALAN-VEGA-6

Alan-Vega-london-onstage-1982-billboard-1548 landscape-1468744079-gettyimages-86142566 mgid-uma-artist-mtv Nick-Lowe-Suicide-Elvis REV AND VEGA SUICIDE at CBGB's SUICIDE Rev and Vega suicide1 suicide2




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