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Aggressive AF Raw AF Gnarly AF! Experience HIGH COST’s “What’s Living Worth”

I’m here to set the record straight! I did not turn y’all on to HIGH COST’s What’s Living Worth last year — my bad! This raging banger deserved a spot on our End of the Year Hardcore List because it’s a NON STOP Radical Sonic Killing Machine! Here is a test press play on track 2 “Waste Away” and tell me this tune is not gnarly as fuck. If you don’t feel the nitro-charged angst roaring from their songs you just might be dead already and no one can help you not even HIGH COST!

What I love about this band is how they are able to bring their caustic rage to front and center while still giving us a dose of chaotic melody. They don’t scream passion dripped in fuck the system attitude, they fucking bleed it on every millisecond straight up! Unholy freaking hell yes, “Eternal Rest” is full of riffs that will wake the undead and is the soundtrack for this corrupt shitstem’s demise. Yo HIGH COST, if you are reading this, y’all are the BOMB and then some! Not to only shine light vocalist but I got to say your performance is thrilling! What’s Living Worth was created by Hardcore Loving Punks for Hardcore Loving Punks that will not play by the lies they try to feed us on the regular!

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