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Addicted to Speed…Bombing HUGE Hills!

I can’t remember the first moment I set foot on a skate, but I do know the year was around 1974 or 1975. Since then, I have been addicted to speed. The first moment that I felt fear was when I was bombing a hill, got the wobbles and face planted on some concrete. 1984 is when I moved to the Bay Area, where the art of bombing hills is an art form. This is why I decided to take control over my fears, and I started going down hills like a speed demon. What once scared me now was the thing that I felt a natural high from. I was not alone in this – so many punks and metal heads would blaze the big hills of San Francisco. One person who know how to charge these unforgiving streets with style was Jef Whitehead, and he would always finish off with a gnarly power slide. If you want to skate in San Francisco, there is no way around it, you’ve got to get over any fear of speed or hills! It’s now time to check of some of my favorite videos that proves this point: Skate & Destroy Bastards! Peep the Nuge going down the biggest hill in L.A.!



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